Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dragon boats and coffee

Monday night Mark and I headed on out to Portland for an evening cruise on the Portland Spirit. Intel was providing a night out on the town and we were all for it, even though it was a bit 'rainy'. Gee, rainy in Oregon. Who knew?

So we were nice and warm in the Portland Spirit. Folks were out in the cold and wet, preparing for the upcoming Dragon Boat races during Rose Festival. You know, June is almost here! Wow.

Yes it was rainy, but it was still a nice view out. Love the water.

Hanging out with my best guy.

Hanging out with my best friend. Coffee. I admit it. I do love coffee.

So fast forward to yesterday. I now head on out to the RMH, and on my way I see a dog hanging his head out the window, having a great time. I realize that I have my camera in my purse, and I barely get it out to take a quick picture and the big ole fellow turns his head at the last minute before they take off. He was a kick.

Sugar cookies and sprinkles. Always a great combination.

Here is a new one: chocolate cookies with broken up Oreos in them. I got RAVE reviews for these. A keeper my friends.


After. Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. These are some of the most popular cookies I make at the House. And due to my learnings from Kseniya I make them last (peanut allergies) and clearly mark them so that folks are aware there is PB in them. I'm learning.

And Jennifer, one of the wonderful moms who stayed at the House, made me an apron and I love it. Big ole pockets in it help me keep track of my glasses and such. How could you not love that, and that she made it for me?

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