Sunday, May 13, 2012

All on my own in Amsterdam

 So after Mark took off for home, and Cari went to work, I went out and explored Amsterdam on my own.  I took the tram.  Look at my route?  Amazing, isn't it?

 Just the tram ride alone was worth the trip.

See what I mean?

 I got out and began to walk along the water way.

Here is my goal: almost there!

Oh, love, love, love the art work this city shares with the world.

The musuem was amazing. One of the displays was all about the written word, with a display of books beginning from the  And since I love books, I loved the display.  Not being able to read much of the information, due to it being in Dutch, I have to say I still enjoyed seeing the books.

In the main musuem there was a lot of information in English, and it was very interesting.  My mother would have LOVED the Egyptian exhibits.

 On my way home I saw this store: what is it about this country and the name Doug?  Really.

They are doing a lot of contruction along the water front by the musuem and I liked the way they presented the walls.  Funny!!

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