Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Checking out Queen's Day

 Mark got to feeling better, so we took off so he could see what Queen's Day was all about.  Here they were getting ready to party down.

 Here they were hoping to encourage folks to clean up after themselves....right.....

 We're ready to head into the crowds.

 See???  And this is on the canal!

 Folks lined the bridges, checking out the folks in the boats.  Fun people watching day.

Mark didn't dress for Queen's Day.  I figured it was enough that he was out and about!

 Check out the furry boots and orange sunglasses.  Wish I had me a pair of those.

The police were out in force again.  We watched as one young man tried time and time again to get one of the officers to wear an orange hat. He was turned down, very nicely, time and time again.

 Man, I need to get me a pair of them furry orange boots.  Who knew they were the rage?

 Some folks still had their wares out for sale.

 These pretzels looked amazing!!!

This was an interesting money maker.  On several corners young men would let you throw eggs at them, for a price.  Yes, eggs!!!  I'm not sure how they came up with this idea, but I had to pass on taking them up on the opportunity.  On one of the corners the young man wore a rain coat, but on most corners they had a display like this.  I don't think I'll bring this up as a possible money making event for Relay.....just saying.....

Some folks were just hanging out, enjoying the sunshine, and I'm sure doing some people watching of their own.

This guy was singing for his friends, some Sinatra tune or such.  And I gotta tell you, he was pretty darn good!  And they were al having so much fun: it made you want to join them.

Beer was for sale EVERYWHERE.  By lots and lots of folks.  It was so unusal to see.

The men had public toliets (and remember, they were VERY public): for the 'dames', you had to pay.  There were signs everywhere, with the price of 50 cents to I think the highest price I saw was for 1.50.  Wow.

This was an interesting walk.  We saw a bit of everything.  Queen's Day, you are amazing.

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