Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A tree falls in Amsterdam

During my last week I met Cari for lunch.  As we walked to our destination we discovered a tree that had fallen.  Amazing! 

Thank goodness not much damage was done, and no one was hurt.  But lots and lots of folks were like us, taking pictures and such.  Cari said she's not seen anything like this since she's been in Amsterdam. 

We made it to lunch.  The small bottles of sparkling ice tea always amuse me. 

They provided candy hearts in Dutch.  Loved that!  Going to have Cari send me some next year!

As we sat at lunch the crews arrived to fix the issue.  They were on the screne quickly.

We walked over the bridge, taking pictures from a different viewpoint.

View across the street. 

We ended the lunch with lovely, lovely chocolates.  Oh my, Mommy likes going to lunch with Cari.

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heavy hedonist said...

Thanks for a lovely look at a place I'd love to see in person, but probably never will.

Peace, Mari