Sunday, May 6, 2012

A bit of lunch and a couple of bikes later....

 Look what Mark and I saw on one of our jaunts around town.  So colorful!

Gonna have to look this up and check out what's what.

After checking out colorful bikes, a bit of lunch is always a good idea.  This is my ice tea: three pieces of ice in it (yes, I counted for the purpose of blogging the amount).  I'm getting used to that.  It is what it is.

Mark is looking at the menu.

See?  Here it is.  Hans a & Grietje.  We went here a couple of times the last time we were in Amsterdam and we really enjoy it here.

This is the back of the menu: so colorful.

You can't escape mustard, no matter where you go!

Doesn't Mark's club sandwich look good? 

After lunch we walked over and rented some bikes. 

And we took a bike ride to the park.

Mark is texing Cari.

 I check out the flowers.


Loving the tulips!!!

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