Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shopping at the world's largest garage sale!

 Mark was still feeling poorly, so Monday morning Cari and I took off and checked out the wares on the streets.  We headed in the direction of the same little park Mark and I had our picnic at earlier.  Cari explained that most of the people selling here were children.  The Mom and small daughter ahead of us were carrying the cutedt cookies that looked like houses.  I tried to find them in the mix later, so I could buy some, but I wasn't able to do so.  Darn!  At least I have a picture.

 The park was overflowing with people, both selling and buying.  Along the way I bought a way cool set of books about Amsterdam.  They'll be great 'coffee table' books.  Love them!

 Check out this cool Amsterdam style doll house.  If I didn't have to lug it home, it would so be mine!!!  Darn it.

On our way into town we came across these stylish gentlemen.  Loved, loved, loved all the orange outfits to be seen.

 Okay, for this picture you have to understand something: the weather here has been rainy and overcast.  Chilly at times.  So imagine everyone's delight when Queen's Day opened with bright, lovely sunshine!  Well, imagine everyone's delight except perhaps for these ladies....they were selling 'Queen's Day Rainbcoats'.  I'm pretty sure they were hoping for liquid sunshine so they could sell their wares.  Not sure why the coats weren't orange, instead of leopard print, though....hmmm......

 How could you not want this backpack?  I do!

Out on the street people of all ages were selling food.  Cookies.  Brownies.  Pies.  Sandwiches.  Cold drinks.  Beer.  You name it.  They were selling it.  This guy was so darn cute, and was having so much fun.

Tie anyone?

When they way Queen's Day is a all city party, they mean it!  I've been to lots of festivals, but nothing like this!!!!  Amazing.

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