Saturday, May 5, 2012

A cruise in Amsterdam

Mark's leg was bothering him one day, so we took it easy, and since we'd not done a canal tour Cari suggested we give that a go.  So we hopped on one.  At first it was quite empty, and then right before we took off a LARGE tour group arrived!  They were funny and excited and before we knew it they'd filled up the boat quite nicely.  It was fun to people watch them as they enjoyed the trip.  Added to the fun.

 I saw this wooden shoe at the captain's desk.  Came to find out it's where you could tip the captain (and we did so of course: that's how we roll).

We'd been on a small boat on the canal before (last trip), but it was fun to see the city again from the water.  See the views??

I have to say I love, love, love the buildings here.

How could you not?

Loving the mirror.

Coffee signs always attract me.  I do love me some coffee.

See how cool this is?

How lucky Mark and I are that we got this opportunity.  We enjoyed not only the city, but being able to share it together.

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