Monday, July 6, 2009

California Dreaming

I had a wonderful visit with my mom and dad and brother Tom. We basically hung out and I taught my dad a bit about making meals. He needs to do most of the cooking now: that should be interesting....

Most mornings I got up and took a walk around the park.

Nice view over the horizon.

Lots and lots and lots of birds.

Jack rabbits as well.

I thought about going in the pool, but it didn't happen.

But I did do my walking.

I've not seen the RV section of the park as full as it is right now. Or maybe I never noticed before.

I have a great picture of Cari as a toddler hugging this little guy. Wonder where that picture is?

Dad taught me how to pick out a watermelon. Okay, so his method is to take the first one you see, but I have to tell you this was a wonderful watermelon!

Yes, this man taught me everything I know about watermelon. And hats that have hair on them. He taught me all about those as well.

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