Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey Mark, remember that year at band camp???

This last week was football camp for Tigard HS. I dropped Mark off on Tuesday morning, bright and early and the coaches were loading up for the big haul over to the beach.

They arrived at Sunset Beach, by Warrenton, unloaded the guys, and got ready for some football.

It's all about the basics guys. Basics.

Okay, so not only the basics. This was a great opportunity to give the guys a chance to have some fun playing football on the beach. Okay, so basics and fun: that's what it's all about.

And s'mores. Mark said s'mores were involved during the process. Man, I should have been there for that.

Go Tigard!

Mark said the other guy give this guy a bad time cause it looks like he's always frowning. This is his usual expression. Looks like they're right, eh?

Our new coach is excited about sharing his skills with our young men. I'll miss Mitch, but it looks like our guys are in good hands, and this should be a fun year.

Wow, looks like Mark is right in the action here. Go long Mark, go long!

Having coffee with the guys. John, on the left, was Doug's football coach for two years in youth. Ron coached youth for years, and he did the announcing for youth football for a few years after that. He and I have had some fun times hanging out in the announcer's booth during games, watching ourselves some youth football. He's one of my favorite folks.

Guess Pete didn't want to be left out of the picture. Silly Pete.

I remember Beau when he was around 3, when Steven began playing youth football the summer after second grade, and Beau's dad was coaching Steven's team. This young man is one of the nicest young men you will ever meet. He's well rounded, an amazing athlete, and I know will do great things on and off the field. We have been lucky to watch him grow up. As I'm learning, this is what makes life worth living, the joys of friends and family.

Mark got home on Thursday night, tired, and ready for some sleep.

And he brought me a new Tigard sweatshirt! I'm SO READY FOR TIGARD HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TO START. Did I get my point across? Go Tigard!

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