Sunday, July 19, 2009

A busy Saturday

Bright and early Mark and I took off, intending to spend a couple of hours at the Highland Games in Gresham. Well, at 20 dollars a pop to go in we decided that we could find something else to do. Oh, I think if you were going to spend all day there it would be a great price: lots of Scottish music and dancing and such, but we didn't want to spend that much time there. So, we decided to go to Edgefield for lunch. One of our favorite places.

Well, Mark took a wrong turn, and we ran right into a parade! Lucky for us it was easy to turn around. We thought about staying and watching, but there weren't any parking places at all.

Loved the lion on the float.

Loved watching all the groups assembling, getting ready to take part. I love small town parades, so I wish we could have attended.

We made our way to Edgefield, and we hung around until they began serving at 11.

We wandered through the hallways, looking at the art, and checking out the pool room. We've never eaten there, and it didn't open until noon, so we decided to save that experience for another time.

We wandered outside and checked out the art there.

They were having a concert on the green that night, and we checked out the set up. Amazing. Mark checks out the rules here.

Hey Steven, look. Comcast!

Ah, time for some lunch and a beer.

Needing to take sunglasses along in Oregon is a thrill. Sad, but true.

Mark is happy.

This is truly an amazing place. Beautiful and lots of history.

After going home and taking naps (lovely), we headed on to Sherwood for their Robin Hood Festival. Above is a way cool police car.

Lots of folks dressed up, and lots of horses. Okay, so they weren't real. They were still cool.

We watched the reptile guy and he was very interesting and funny. This 'little' guy he's holding was found by a dog catcher in Beaverton. Oh yes, now THAT must have been some day at work.

He had lots of snakes, both big and small. Here is the small.

And here is the BIG!

All in all a fun, busy day. With a nap thrown in. Good times my friends, good times.

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Mary Jo said...

I love Edgefield. We've had some good times there. Is our old lady Mary and Mary Jo still on the wall?