Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Just dropped Mark off at Tigard HS for a day of football. I'll join him later to watch the scrimmages, but for now it's a lazy Saturday morning around here. Lire was hiding out behind the chair. Notice how her 'bum' leg hangs in the air. She's adapted very well to the leg, and we've kept her weight down and I think that has helped quite a bit.

Cari gave us a gift certificate to Al's, one of our favorite nurseries, we picked up tons of flowers, and Mark did a great job of planting them. Aren't these amazing? I love them.

Deacon is outside, enjoying the weather. He's hoping I'll come out and throw the ball to him.

There's a yard sale going on right outside our door, at the church next door. Lots of folks checking it out. We live on a busy street, so a perfect place to have this type of thing.

Right after I post this I'm going to work out on my gazelle. Water bottle is in place, ready to go.

I caught Lire hanging out under the coffee table. The way she lays down, making allowances for her leg, always seems to be amusing. This is one crazy cat!

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