Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a copy cat!

Man, I think Lire saw Mary Jo's blog about Fat Girl, and decided she also needed one of them fancy blue casts! Bummer dude. What a copy cat!

Tuesday Mark was getting some stuff out of the fridge, Lire jumped into the fridge, Mark tried to shoo her out, and when she fell her leg caught in the handle for the bottom freezer and lets just say it WASN'T PRETTY. Lots of yelling by a cat, lots of yelling by Mark and Steven, and just plain ole freaking out. Come to find out she'd torn the ligaments in her left hind leg. WASN'T PRETTY.

Surgery needed to be done, and Friday morning it was done. The vet tech let us know she did NOT do well afterwards, shredding to pieces the cone they put on her so she wouldn't shred her cast, and fighting the cast. She said Lire was a very sweet cat, letting them pet her and purring at times, but then she'd spent most of the rest of the day sleeping and fighting the cast.

We got her home, and we discovered first hand what they meant about fighting the cast. Have you ever heard cats fighting, all the yelling and screaming?? Oh man, that was NOTHING compared to the sounds and fury and energy Lire would make when attacking the cast, biting and clawing, and you could see it hurt her as well to do so! Let's just say this was one mad cat.

I tried staying in the room with her, but at 2:05 am I realized she wasn't going to settle down, so I finally went out and slept in the living room. I got up at 5:30 to give her a pain pill, she was looking and acting much better, she took the pill with just a bit of fuss (even in a Greenies pill pocket she spit it out the first time), and I had to clear her mouth of Cotton (that will teach her to attack a cast: they do have a strange way of fighting back). Now THAT was fun.

Heck, paying the bill will be fun. Right.

So this morning has gone pretty darn well. She's only attacked the cast a couple of times (the cotton revenge must have made an impression), and while I was out of the room, getting some breakfast to fortify myself for dealing with one mad cat, she managed to crawl under the bed and she seems happy there. She growls when you come near, so for now I'm leaving her alone.

Maybe I should use myself some cotton as a shield in future encounters.

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CFCina said...

oh Mary..your poor cat. You Vander Yachts need to quit getting injured!!! ;-)