Sunday, January 11, 2009

Penguin love

I don't know how she does it: Mary Jo always seems to know what folks like. Heck, she even always seems to know what dogs and kitties would like.

She gave Deacon a penguin toy and let me just say he LOVES it. He has it with him most of the time, and he LOVES it when you throw it, and he LOVES it when you try to take it away from him.

See what I mean? He's LOVING it folks.

"Ah, my little penguin of love. Let me take you away from all this..............."

As for me, I still love baking. Yes, I too love penguin toys, but baking can be fun as well. One of the blogs I follow showed how she had created some small two layer cakes, so I gave it a try.

I didn't really like the frosting I made (experimenting around at this time to find some good frosting recipes), but the cakes themselves were good and looked cute. I used the cake mix recipe for cupcakes so the cakes were a bit more sturdy than when made the regular way for a cake mix, so I think that's what made them work.

And the boys don't really like cake with frosting, so since the process involves cutting out the mini cakes from bigger cakes they liked eating the scraps. A win/win. Now I want to make some more and try different ways of decorating them. Fun!!!

How cute is this?

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