Friday, January 16, 2009

Crazy Cat

My cat is driving me CRAZY! We took her to the vet yesterday to remove her cast. Everything looks great, the vet was impressed with how she's doing, and he decided that he wouldn't put another cast on so she could start using her leg. He gave us some spray to use on her leg so she wouldn't go for the staples.

Nice try. We got home, she started going for her leg, I sprayed some of the stinky stuff on her leg (and let me say the stuff is NASTY. I tasted some just from spraying it and it's NASTY), and the darn cat still went for the staples! She got one out. Darn cat.

Mark called the vet and he suggested we cut up a child's t-shirt to cover her up. Right. This is the cat that shredded the cone they put on her. We tried a t-shirt and it lasted all of 30 seconds. Darn cat.

Michael, one of the boy's friend (and we like him too), wrapped her leg in an ace bandage: he did an excellent job and that helped out big time. Okay, so she managed to get the cast off by morning, but as with the cast she's not bother her leg after the first day. So far so good.

Darn cat.

Tonight I went to Doug's basketball game. Doug relaxes for the game, listening to soothing sounds in his Ipod.

The boys warm up for the big game.

Doug played really well tonight. You know, the more I look at this picture the more it looks like he's thinking more about making a touchdown rather than making a basket.

It was a tough game, our team was down pretty darn far the first half, and really made a comeback the second half, coming within 7 points of winning. Doug had 20 points. Excellent!

Here Doug poses with Curt, his first basketball coach, and one of our favorite people.

When I think about all the wonderful folks we've met through sports in Tigard, I think about how very lucky we are to be a part of this life. It's good folks, it's good.

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