Thursday, January 1, 2009

Boys will be boys

I woke up this morning, went out to the living room, and turned on the Christmas Tree to see the pretty lights. This is the pretty sight I saw.

What the heck?

All the friggin ornaments were off the tree as well, piled on the couch.

What the heck?

And the angel had lost her lofty position on the tree. Again, WTH?

So, after some investigation, I discovered the event that created this havoc involved some young men, late night, alcohol (it wasn't stated during the confessions, but I'm pretty sure alcohol worked it's magic way into the event since it involved young men and it was Happy New Years Eve), wrestling, Christmas Trees falling, ornaments flying, and such like that there. And angels toppling.

Man, I bet the angel is so mad!

God will get them. I know he will.

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