Sunday, January 4, 2009

And a Happy New Years was had by all.

Every new year should start with a Llama involved. I'm right on with that. Here's the proof.

And parties with your friends and family. Hanging out. Talking trash.

Or talking 'bunny to mouse'. Cari is talking on a bunny, and Trevor is talking on a mouse. Yes folks, you may have a cell phone, but according to Trevor 'bunny to mouse' is the way to go when you want to talk to your friends.

Cari appears to be a firm believer in this craze as well.

And hiding: hiding should always be a part of the New Years Day celebration. Here Randy is hiding from Trevor since he is not a firm believer in the 'bunny to mouse' cell phone conversation craze that is currently sweeping the Vander Yacht household.

In between the new cell phone craze antics, that were very entertaining, I was able to get a picture of Trevor and Carrie. But when I tried to take a second shot he closed his eyes. I mentioned that, tried to take another, and he closed his eyes for the third shot as well!

When I confronted the young offender, asking why he had closed his eyes on purpose (maybe I should have called him on the mouse phone), he told me he WANTED to see what he looked like with his eyes closed.

Silly me, if you think about it, he's right. You don't get to see what you look like with your eyes closed except in pictures. His logic was sound.

So here goes Trevor: here's what you look like with your eyes closed.

I took the big ole honking chocolate penguin Linda sent me. It is SO COOL!!! Leah loved it!

And I had I had to show Doug opening his IPod. He liked it a lot!!!!!! Happy New Year Doug!

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