Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shopping, coffee, and progress.

Jennifer and I went to the big old fabric store we LOVE to go to in Portland. Lots of amazing things, not just fabric. We both bought fabric, myself buying wool felt to practice making 'softies' with, looking at using the patterns in the book Cari bought me. I'm so excited!

Okay, so another reason we like to go is the little coffee place in the parking lot. They make some of the best coffee drinks there and Jennifer and I have no idea why, but a trip to the fabric store is not complete without a latte afterwards. It's small and it's purple and it's good.

Lattes and fabric make us happy.

So once back home I started putting some items back in the room. Above is a head vase that Cari gave me years ago and I'm so glad she finally has her place of honor in an orange room. She's perfect, just perfect.

And I went and bought a bedspread, greenish blue base color with orange highlights. It looks good. Real good. Mark likes it kind of good. And that's a good enough for me good!

Mark put together the night stands we bought at Ikea. Way cute.

And after all his painting, and assembling bedside tables, and cleaning up, he is enjoying watching the Sci Fi Channel. He deserves it. Good job Mark.

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