Sunday, March 16, 2008

Orange bedroom: good!

We're pretty much done with our bedroom and I LOVE it! I added "the adventures of Mary and Ned". Cari drew this for me and it always inspires me to want to create something. So since I'll be working in my room, it's perfect for me to have it right in front of me, inspiring me to make something cool. And my own Ned is right there, keeping me company.

And I love the two pictures I've framed. They're both from our cruise, the one on the left is at the beginning of our trip, and the other is at the end. They remind me of the wonderful time we had. And it's kinda funny that Mark's shirt matches the color of the wall and I hadn't even realized it!

We found some curtains that match the picture by my side of the bed, and the color of the penguin sitting there on my bed (very important that my room matches the penguin). Mark even admitted that the curtains look quite nice. Shock!

And Lire loves the room cause it's nice to sleep in. And she's giving me "the lazy eye", as in Fievel Goes West, letting me know it's time to turn out the light and get my butt out of Dodge so she can sleep. Cats. Go figure.

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