Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter time, cake time.

Cari came over today to have Easter dinner with us. I cooked up some lasagna in the crock pot and we had us a real fine meal. Steven took off for the coast with Jennifer, so it was Mark, Cari, Doug, Brianna, and myself. It's always a treat when Cari comes over.

Look at Cari's amazing is that? See, I told you she's a treat!!! I'm one very lucky mom, and I think she's the greatest.

Cari and I decided to watch Ratatouille (Doug and Brianna had other ideas about movies they'd like to watch), and Mark worked on setting the DVD player up while Cari and I made fun of him....sorry honey....... I have to say I really enjoyed the movie much more than I thought I would. Always a good thing. Remy is the cutest rat I've ever seen. And the ending is just perfect!

And of course there was cake for desert. Good cake. GREAT cake. And of course I sent the leftovers to Brianna's house. If the cake was left here, the good, great cake, I would eat it all up. I swear I would. I know I would. And I will always be that weak when good, great cake is alive and well in my home. And so the cake had to go. End of story.

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