Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rainy Days and Tuesdays.....

Today I had a parent/teacher conference with Doug and his teacher Su. He is doing extremely well and keeping on track. This year has been a good one, and the program is a good fit for Doug.
So after school I ran a bunch of errands, spend lots of money, and had a great morning (it's a good thing to take time off from work...loving it!!!). I got some pillows and lamps (hey, they're orange and blue and green striped: perfect!). The room is really coming together and Mark and I are both enjoying the difference.

For now I'll leave my scrap booking area in tact, but someday I'll have myself a craft room and then I can put a lounge chair here for some sitting and some reading. And again, aren't the lamps cool?

When Jennifer and I were out and about Sunday, we went to Home Goods and I found 2 small suit cases. I thought they will look good in the room and I can store some of my scrap booking stuff in them. I guess I was right about the colors in the suitcases: I went out and bought the bedspread shortly afterwards and look how close in design and color they are! Amazing!

We were going to paint the dresser black, to match the bed we're getting, but we decided for now we like the white and we'll paint the other dresser white to match this one. And we took the mirror off the larger dresser, put it on this one, and it looks darn good.

And yes Erik: someone really CAN be that happy! (note the picture on the dresser)

So I've pretty much got the orange bedroom I wanted, including a penguin to keep me company. Life is good.

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jenrust said...

You weren't kidding! That suitcase matches perfectly! I love how the room came together. The orange is perfect!