Thursday, March 6, 2008

Doug, Lire, and Happy Feet!

One of the things I love the best is the artwork the kids did when they were younger. Cari has left so many amazing pictures, showing how creative she has always been. I have several war scenes that Steven would draw, with elaborate battles going on, and as for Doug: most of the stuff I have from his is stuff he was made to do in school. But I have to say most of his stuff is just plain fun! I have some monkeys hanging around in a yellow sky, and the picture above. I really don't remember what it was drawn for, but it cracks me up and so it's framed and hanging in his room.

Here are Doug and Lire, hanging around in Doug's room, perhaps admiring the fine artwork hanging on the walls. Or perhaps watching TV and taking a nap. Perhaps that is it.

And today, while out buying Doug some jeans and new shoes, I found some WONDERFUL penguin Converse shoes!!! Oh my gosh, I AM SO IN LOVE!!! The penguins are too darn cute, and the little fish are a great highlight.

As Steve Martin would say, I have "Happy Feet"!!!

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