Saturday, March 8, 2008

Peanut Butter and Coffee mornings.

Deacon, Lire, and I have a morning routine. First thing (and I do mean first thing) after I wake up EVERY morning, Deacon waits for me to say those magic words: "Go get your toy!". His eyes light up and he races off to go and find his Kong (not sure how it's spelled....but you get my drift). He drops it at my feet and I go forth and put a bit of peanut butter into the Kong. He races off again, this time to go and fully enjoy his morning treat. Life at this time is good for a dog.

I then go and make a pot of coffee. My favorite mugs are some Christmas ones from Starbucks, and of course there are penguins on them. Mary Jo and Mom V got themselves one of these for a Christmas gift, I fell in love with theirs, and on the way home from Washington Cari and I stopped at a Starbucks so I could grab myself a few. Two red ones and two light blue ones. And I don't care if they're for Christmas: they're being used year round. End of story. They make me happy, and I don't want to just be happy at Christmas. Hey, it's Christmas all year long at the Vander Yachts! At least when it comes to morning coffee.

Lire's morning routine? She waits for the coffee to be done and for me to sit down and enjoy my morning coffee in my favorite penguin mug. For when I sit down I create a lap just perfect for a small cat to cuddle up in and get some morning loving. In this picture she's at my feet, just waiting for me to sit down. She follows me while I go through this whole routine and if I don't sit down soon enough she runs out of patience and beings making noises, letting me know I've gone over the time limit. Her time limit, not mine. Cracks me up.

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