Monday, May 5, 2014

Lire gives it her best shot!

Lire ad I have been working on creating Luminaria for Bark.
I follow a Face Book page called 'Gabe, Cancer Kitty Warrior'. He is a black and white kitty who is fighting cancer and his 'parents' share how brave he is and it's very inspiring.
I created a Luminaria for Gabe (you know who was NO help). Mark and I worked with Lire to take some pictures. We dressed her up with proper pirate gear and gave it a shot.
Look how it started.....

It got a bit better.


She decided to check it out. And yes she approved!

I think she approved.

She dumped the pirate gear. Mark put it back on.

She took off promptly.  We were done.

My friend Capi make a donation in honor of our friend Rhonda's dog Rufio.
Rufio was a true sweetheart. Whenever I would go to Rhonda's I'd hang out with this adorable pup.

So while we were working on the Luminia one of the Relay team captains came by to pick up some Luinaira. The next thing we know Lire is loving on her shoe big time!!!!

Stephanie told us she'd just been rowing and had walked through goose poop.
Who knew Lire loved her some goose poop??
Now I'm working on Deacon's Luminaria, and I have a couple of other loved pets to do them for as well. Cancer touches your life in all aspects. I can't wait until we end it once and for all.

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