Monday, May 12, 2014

Mommy Day 2014 Vander Yacht Style

Mark, Steven, Doug and I drove up to Mom and Dad V's house for Mom's Day.
Right after greeting Mom and Dad I had to greet a certain young man.
Well hello Duke. You're looking good!

Soon family started to arrive.
This little cutie is hoping her Pa will let her out.
And Gus is hoping as well.

I mean, how could you say no to this face? I mean really!

Doug and Jessica catch up.

Cousin love is one of the best loves.

Education is important!! Reading is fundamental.....

Band-Aids were shown off.
Don't you love the high tops?

My cutie.

Laughter was all over the place.
And pretzels. Always pretzels.

Steven. Mark. Enough said.

All was forgiven.
Pretzels and beer solve many of the world's worries.

The running of the llamas.

Well hello there!!

Time to personally witness the running of the llamas.

Doug and Owen hit it off BIG time. Owen began to call Doug his 'big brother'.
Here Owen wanted to show off his band-aide.

Here these two are plotting something.
I think I need to leave before things get out of hand.

Our very pretty girl showing off her walking skills.

Our other pretty girl showing off CAKE and flowers!!

Mom had displayed some of the plates the girls had made her over the years.
Rachel did this one many years ago: it's a portrait of her Dad.
Randy, I can see it. Yes, there is a 'slight' resemblance. 

Mary Jo did this plate while she was in the first grade. So colorful and cute!

Jessica did this plate a 'few' years ago.


Mark and his Mom.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!!!!
You may think you have the world's greatest Mother-In-Law.
Well I truly believe I do. And Mark felt the same way about my Mom.
We are so very lucky to have our family.
I liked this shot of the llama.
These are the times I wish I had a better camera.
One day. One fine day I will.

I mean, think what a great shot this would be with a better camera!!

As we left Strawberry Boy bid farewell to one and all.
Thank you Mom and Dad V for a lovely, wonderful Mother's Day.

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