Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let's go Blazers!!

Mark got some free tickets to a suite at the Blazers game Monday.
It was a beautiful day and we were excited!

Thank goodness I heard that the parking lots were already sold out:
we got there early and found on the street parking. Perfect spot.
So far so good. On to 'Rip City'!

Lots of stuff was going on. This band was really good.

Rip City!!!!!!!!!

Free face painting.
How can you pass that up?

Gal on stilts.

They were giving everyone shirts, waiting for them on the seats.
I love how they spelled out Rip City!

Such wonderful food in the suite.
Including chocolate covered strawberries (excellent!!!!) and fun sugar cookies.

The second man from the left in the front row is Paul Allen,
and the fourth man over is Pete Carroll.

Some performers from Cirque du Soleil performed during half time.
Amazing. Simply amazing.

I had to laugh. When we got home some of the NBA commentators were doing a take off on this performance. It was pretty funny!!
So happy the Blazers won. It was a great night and we were very grateful to be able to be there.
Let's Go Blazers!!!!

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