Saturday, May 10, 2014

What a way to start a Saturday!

Mark and I got up early and headed into Portland.
Foot Traffic, a local running store, was having a run/walk from their store to the Moda Center to celebrate the Trail Blazers being in the play offs.
I love the buildings in Portland.

We took off. Thank goodness the rain held off!

Go Blazers!!!!

Not a good turn off to take.....just saying.....

Love this: tracks the amount of bikes that goes by.

I had wanted to take part in one of Foot Traffic's 10Ks due to the cool glasses they were giving away, but I already had something going. SO when I saw that they had several of these to give away in their drawing, and I didn't win anything, I asked afterwards if I could buy a couple.
He gave me a couple! Yeah!
Very. Yummy. Breakfast!!!!

Then they were having a plant sale next door.
Cool day my friends. Cool day!

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