Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yesterday it marked three years since my Mom died.  I decided I wasn't going to spend the day being sad: I was going to enjoy my morning coffee and read the paper (one of her favorite things to do!), and read an Agatha Christie book (she introduced me to this amazing series of books and I've been grateful to her for that ever since).  I'm so glad she was my Mom. 

Below is what I wrote on FB to celebrate my beautiful Mom.  Oh, and the book I read was 'The Seven Dials Mystery'.
I was very lucky. My Mother was very loving, and had a wicked sense of humour. Put those traits together and you are raised with laughter, hugs, jokes, home baked cookies, mystery novels, game show marathons, morning cups of coffee while reading the newspaper, and long talks on the telephone. For the most part I'm not sad when I think about my Mom: I'm so darn happy that she was my Mom and that we had such wonderful times together. I smile when I think about her, and that's what she would want. I miss you Mom, and love you more than I can say. And yes, I will read an Agatha Christie book today and think of you.