Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthday parties rock!

I had my birthday party today and it was wonderful.  I have to say I have the BEST friends in the world.
And CAKE.  I had some lovely orange CAKE. 
With a penguin on it.  Does a birthday cake get any better??

This little cutie was waiting for some CAKE.
My kind of gal.

Oh and CAKE and ice cream.  That is the best stuff ever.
Happy Birthday to ME!

We decided to take a family picture.  Not bad! 
I think Grandma Jo will like this.

Oh, I think she'll like this one. 
Cause she loves us, crazy or not!

This one I'm not so sure about......

I really like this picture.  They're so cute.

Just hanging out.  Putting up with Mom taking pictures.

THAT didn't last long.

Oh Steven.  Why?  Why that face?  We were so close to a darn good picture.

THAT will teach you Steven.  Thanks Cari.

Doug wants to be sure the lesson is learned.

Flowers were involved.  So pretty.

Video games were involved.  So funny to watch.

I got a kick out of the kids playing 'pin the tail on the donkey'

Many wonderful gifts were gathered for 'Tucker's Toybox'.

And you know what they say:
it' ain't a party at the Vander Yachts
til a laundy hamper ends up on the roof'.
I wish they didn't say that.......

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