Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another PTC under my belt.

Got together with my PTC team mates last Thursday evening to decorate our van.  I not so sure my ta tas are so contrary!

We attatched our team number on our van.  It was a 15 passenger van: LOVED all the room!!

Maureen decided that some of our bras were rather boring....

Here we met up with van 1 to take over the walking.
We're ready to go!

Last year we discovered that wraps were a great meal on the go.  Turkey, cheese, and a low carb wrap with a bit of mustard.
I was one happy camper.

Hey Mom: look who came up to visit us and see if they could charm a treat or two out of us.
I thought of you: you would have loved them.  They had a lot of personality.

Ah, porta potties.  We are together again.

One of the teams was going around 'beaning' other team's vans.  So funny!!

Save the rack.
A good message.
"Don't slack: check your rack'

Parked while waiting for our walker to arrive.  Fun checking out the other vans.

Here I am, ready to take off for my first leg.  I am so lucky I get to be a part of this amazing event!!!!

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