Friday, September 7, 2012

Breaking Bad Cari Style

Doug and I went to the opening of Cari's latest show 'Breaking Bad' in downtown Portland at

Doug was a good sport about letting me take his picture admiring some of the masks Cari created.
It was so nice to attend with Doug.   I love my kids, and getting to spend some time with him was a joy.
So I tried not being too much of a dork with taking lots of pictures.
I didn't get any of Cari. She was SO busy greeting folks, and chatting with the folks attending
that I didn't want to take pictures and betray someone's privacy.
But she was glowing, enjoying the moment, and I loved that.

She was working on these chains while we were in Amsterdam.
Mark and Cari discussed ways for her to fire the chains, and I know he enjoyed talking with Cari about her work
and he LOVED that she listened to him and cared about what he had to say.
A lovely memory to hold onto.

Doug and I didn't stay long because it was hot, and Cari was so busy meeting and greeting.
I had a great time:
I got to say hello to  Juliette, the owner of Nationale. 
I got to get a hug from Suzette (and we should do lunch sometime soon....just saying....).
I got to meet some of Cari's friends.
I got to hang out with Doug, and talk on the way there, and on the way home.  Loved that.
And I got to see Cari in her element. 
Wonderful evening.  Wonderful.

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