Friday, September 21, 2012

Petey bakes a cookie

My friend Charlie gave me a new friend: Petey.  He may look like a kitchen timer to you, but to me he's a friend to hang out with while I bake.   I always take him to the RMH with me on Wednesday, and this last week he wanted to have a more active part in the baking.  I told him it wouldn't quite work out.  He was a bit upset.

He needed someone to talk to, so I suggested he go and talk with Ronald.  They talked, and Ronald assured him that timing the cookies was important.  Who wants to eat a burnt cookie?  Petey realized this was true, and he felt much better.  He had to get back to the kitchen: he had a job to do!

In the dining room Petey loves all the colors and pictures.  This is one of his favorites.  He thinkis of our friend Kathy whenever he sees ths.

He asked if I could have his name put on the board with mine: for gosh sakes, didn't they know that he was a major part of the baking?  I told him this could happen. 

Petey was so proud of how nicely the cookies came out.  He'd done his job!

When we got home he showed his friends pictures of our adventures.  I had to explain that they all couldn't go to the House.  I'll have to think of someplace to take them all.  Should be interesting!

After hearing all about it Deacon decided he needed to show his support for the House.
What a good dog he is.  Too bad he can't go help at the House!

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KCina said...

This is SO great..Can't wait to show Charlie your pictures & adventures with Petey the Penguin!!! :)