Thursday, September 13, 2012

Joseph rocks!

When I went to pick up Cari at the house she was staying at, I loved the 'thank you' note she left for Tom and Andrea.
How cool is this?

When we went to Joseph the first place we went in was a quilt store. I thought of Kathy of course!

And we checked out the art.  Lots of art to be seen!

Hmmm....wonder why I like this sign?

Joseph is a nice little town.  But boy, it is little.

We drove to the lake to check it out.

And Cari found a big ole chair.

We took a tram ride.  I was a bit nervous on the way up.  I admit it.

Cari LOVED it!  She really did.

It was a beautiful view on the journey up.

Cari and I hiked.

We saw mountains.

And chipmunks.

Now I was nervous on the way up, but on the way down I was just fine.  Go figure!


Relay said...

I like the little girl laying in the chair photo!

Erin said...

What amazing pictures. Looks like a great trip!

Thanks for stopping by. Do you go to the Decorette Shop in Tigard? My favorite store! I hope the families and kids love the root beer float cookies! Thanks for the nice comment!