Monday, July 23, 2012

RFL of Beaverton: we ROCKED it!

One of the first things we do at Relay is take a group photo of our Survivors, and we provide them a copy.

RFL celebrates our Survivors.  Here Victor, Linda, and Dad wait to get their picture took.

Wave 'Hi' everyone!!

Right on!  I love that the back of the shirt says 'I Am Hope'.

Me and Dad.

This young lady is a Survivor, and Miss Washington County.  I was so impressed by her friendly ways, her kindess to others, and her joy in life.  She did the line dancing while eating a snow cone and she rocked it!  I'm proud that we Relay for lovely young ladies like this. 

Dad and Mark.  Hey, do you notice that it looks like the goal posts are coming out of Mark's head?  I didn't notice that until I posted the pic on FB.  Ha!  I'm so funny and I didn't even notice it, LOL.

Our first lap: Survivors start us out.

Go Dad Go!

Why do I Relay?  So that these two brothers can grow up together, and be each other's best men at their weddings.
That's why I Relay.

The man who began Relay, Dr. Gordon Klatt, is now fighting stomach cancer.  Relayers are creating 'Flat Gordys' and having them Relay with them.  Here Dana hangs out with Flat Gordy and 'Mini Linda'.  Dana knows how to live.

Thanks Dr. Klatt for showing us a way to raise money to end cancer, and provide support to those fighting cancer.
We will win!  We will show cancer who's boss!

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