Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pool Party

With grown kids I forget how fun the simple things can be.  I went to my friend Rachel's to work on Relay stuff, and after we were done she and her neighbor were going to set up a pool for the kids (and were those kids excited!).  Rachel asked Dean if he would stay and help, and if I'd like to as well, and so a fun afternoon began.

The kids were so excited, and yet they were really good about waiting.

Even this little one was a good sport. 

Figuring out what the heck goes where....

Looks like we have an idea of what's what.

It was a warm day, and the water felt good.  Yes, I did help, and I worked with Rachel to ensure the floor of the pool stayed in place.

Coming along.

"Hey!  Is it coming along?"

"Yeah!  It is coming along!!"

Everyone is excited, and ready to swim!!!

Dean puts the final touch on the pump.

Everyone in the pool!!!!

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