Friday, July 13, 2012

Deacon needs your help!

I"m busy getting ready for Relay Of Life of Beaverton, and I'm not at my goal of raising a thousand dollars.  WELL, Deacon decided to help me out.  He rummaged through my things, found my Thousand Dollar Club shirt from last year, put it on (took a bit of effort on his part), and then he asked me to take a picture.  He suggested that I put a picture of this on my FB page, as my profile picture, until I raise my thousand dollars.  What a nice gesture!

Is he cute or what?

Yawn!!!  He did get a little bored.
Below is a link to our Relay site.  Hopefully you can help Deacon help me raise my money!
(I did promise him some PB ice cream once I raise the money)

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