Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family ROCKS!!!

Mark and I drove to Washington to see Matt and Sandra.  We stopped to call and see if we were on the correct route (we were).  I got a kick out of this sign. 

Their home on the river is amazing!  Sandra has done a wonderful job of decorating.  The views are so refreshing.

Matt and Mark had so much fun hanging out.

Matt brought out an old pellet gun and they did some target shooting.

Fun was had.  Matt had a direct shot as well!

These two had so much fun just being together.  They're the best of brothers.

Sandra and I had a lot of fun as well, talking and catching up and hiking.  Here we walked up the hill behind their house.  Isn't this beautiful?

This is a little cabin across the street.

This is one of the views from their deck.

See?  They were having fun.

Oh Mark, you silly boy!

Sandra and I wandered down to the bridge across the river. 

And then we stopped by her step-dad's house.  He and his wife introduced me to their chickens. 

I want one of these!!!  Oh Sandra, you funny, funny girl!  I love our family!!!!!!

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