Monday, July 2, 2012

Mark and Mary party like it's 1999!

Mark and I attended a party for my work group.  We'd made a challenge and one of the perks was a big ole party.  Harp music included.

Ah, we know we're in the right place.

Man, 'intel' was everywhere!  Even getting drinks.

Even at the stage. Intel Inside!

Right before dinner we had some lovely entertainment.

Right after dinner some really good treats.  And the lighting wrecked havoc with picture taking.

Our table was directly below 'the big guys'.  Here they're posing for a picture and I belive doing a video.  We were bad: we thought about climbing on the chairs and making peace signs behind them.....okay, so I thought about climbing on a chair and making a peace sign.

My friends Tim and Kseniya were at our table, and we had so much fun with them.

Some of the centerpieces were a bit 'strange'.  It looked like broccoli and flowers coming out of it.....interesting.

The band that performed was really good.  My first thought was to get them for Relay.  I'm so bad that way!

They handed out light up hats, glasses, gloves, and boas.  Looky what Mark got.

Looky what I got.   :)

Fun was had.  Thanks Intel!!!  You always throw us such fun, fun parties!!!!

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KCina said...

Glad you got so many great photos...I only took a couple of GREEN people! :)