Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ideas that rock!

Some wonderful ideas I found for Survivor bags.  Love, love, love the internet!!!!!  Survivors are why we Relay. 

Our goody bags had more than candy in them, but I will share it with you. I am hoping to find something a little different for this year, if anyone else has an idea I would love to hear it.

Lifesavers-in honor of those who are always there for you,

Pencil & Paper-to count your blessings,

A noise maker-to celebrate your life!

Tissues-for the sad times,

Gum-for the stressful times,

A penny-for luck,

Smarties-in thanks for knowledgeable doctors and nurses,

A rubber band and paperclips-to help you hold it together,

A crayon-because each day we "leave our mark" on the world,

Flower seeds-to represent the beauty of life,

Chocolate hugs and kisses-because one can never have enough,

A piece of string-so you never forget how wonderful you are!!

I am a cancer survivor and last year was my first year to be Survivor Chair.  I purchased Relay for Life medals and got stick on metallic numbers (like those used on homecoming mums) donated by a local florist.  When the survivors checked in they were honored with a medal and a hug.  They were asked how many years of survivorship they had and then that number was put on one side of the ribbon that the medal was attached to.  It was amazing to see the number of years of survivorship in one place.

We have a group of "senior ladies" knitting lapwarmers, in purple/white and pink/white to give to the survivors at their dinner at the relay this year.  This may be tough to get done this year, but you could keep it in mind for next year and start looking for donations of yarn and knitters to make them........Happy relaying

We did something similar to this a couple years ago. We wrote the word HOPE on the stone and then put the stone in a small, purple organza bag (purchased inexpensively at a local chain craft store). We then tied a card to the bag and the card read:

"As a cancer survivor or someone involved with Relay for Life, you represent HOPE for someone newly diagnosed. There is an old saying that a stone cast upon the water makes an immediate splash and waves ripple outward in ever- widening circles. Use this stone to send HOPE to others on their cancer journey. Please keep it only until you know someone who has received a diagnosis of cancer. Then, pass it to them as a personal symbol of HOPE. Cast a ripple out into the world that reaches out to cancer patients and their families. Together, we can let them know they are not alone, we care about them, and there is HOPE!"
Our survivors thought they were great!

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