Monday, August 24, 2009

Seattle bound

Doug, Crystal, Cari, and I headed on up to Washington. We decided to spend the day in Seattle and we got to Bremerton right in time to catch the ferry. Perfect timing.

There was a Seahawks game Saturday and there were a few fans on the ferry. It was early, but trust me: when we left at 6:45 to head on back to Bremerton there were plenty of Seahawks fans streaming off of the ferry, heading for the game. Go Hawks!

I love my kids.

Someone going to work.

Cari and I took a walk, looking for some place to eat.

We found an amazing restaurant, where you can eat your mom's french fries with chop sticks.

I got myself a chicken/bacon/white cheddar cheese sandwich that was amazing. I mean it. It was love at first bite.

We saw some amazing art work.


And some crazy stuff as well. I really want to 'ride the duck' now. Really.

We walked down to the Market and there was a bride and groom cruising the town.

Market. Nuff said.

I'd not been up here before: liked the view.

We ate on the water front. Good food and the service was great!

Then it was time to head on back to Bremerton. I loved going to Seattle, but I loved being with my kids even more.

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