Sunday, August 2, 2009

Relay For Life, Beaverton, or the year of 'Lake Relay'.

This weekend was my last Relay of the year: Beaverton. My friend Kathy is the chair and all she has to do is ask me to help on ANYTHING and I will do it. Enough said. She is one of those folks I am amazed everyday that I get to call my friend.

And her husband is my 'hubby' , so it doesn't get much better than that.

The Survivors began to gather.

These wonderful folks are the reason I Relay.

The bagpiper prepares for the Survivor Lap.

First Tech teams; they are amazing. I feel like they show us how much they care about the community.

Charlie and mom, wearing their '1,000 Dollar' club shirts. Good job fundraising.

Like this shot.

Charlie's tent. Fits in with theme, eh?

Go Wee Bees!

These folks worked hard! Thank you for all your hard work.

Hi Maddie. You are too cute, and I love the heart on your cheek.

Come to think of it, WE are too cute. Even without hearts on our cheeks.

When setting up the Survivor Tent the guys hit a water main. Oh no!

Welcome to the year we'll look back on as the year of "Lake Relay".

Hi Capi and Rhonda.

Bubbles are fun!

This is a fund raiser for Aloha Youth Football: amazing job. In memory of someone they lost. Makes it even more special.

This group had a bus at their site and they walked it around the track at the end of Relay.

I loved it: the DJ played 'The Magic Bus'.

And when is the last time you've seen a kissing booth?

Got Hope?

Made you think.

We Relay for everyone, but for me at this time anytime I see someone Relaying for their Mom it means a lot to me. I thought of my mom many times this weekend.

Mom, I love you very much.

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CFCina said...

Great photos Mary.

I can't thank you enough for ALL that you do!!!! ;-) Still can't believe what those first 24-hours in 2003 did for us.

Get some rest my friend.

~ Kathy