Sunday, August 16, 2009

A fun weekend for all

Last week Mark was at a meeting at the Fanno Creek Brew Pub where they make one of my very favorite beers, 'Reverend's Daughter'. He picked me up a jug. I just love my husband. So when our friends Pat and Sherry came over for dinner I knew what I would be drinking.

After dinner we were going to play apples to apples, but we found out Pat and Sherry had never played Wii and so we decided to show them what all the buzz was about.

Mark explained how to use the controls, and we started out with bowling.

Sherry did really well! Pat did very well!! We had so much fun.

Sunday morning we started taping off the walls so we can paint. Lots of work in our future.....

We drove over to Cari's for the afternoon. She and Richard were working in the garden.

Mommy sat in a chair taking pictures while Cari was working in the garden.

She takes a bow.

Mark discussed some ideas with Cari and Richard for the front yard.

I love the gateway at the house across the street.

More discussing going on.

I loved this shot of Cari.

Wonderful weather for hanging out.

Doesn't this just make you want to sit and rock and enjoy watching as the world strolls by?


Mary Jo said...

Looks like fun times with the Vander Yacht's

Carla Dionne said...

There's nothing more endearing than a child sweating and getting "dirty" with a wee bit of hard labor... :)