Thursday, August 6, 2009

Doodle Art

I came across a doodle art poster I bought YEARS ago. It's dolls of the world and I am so glad I found it. I now want to work on finishing it. My coloring leaves something to be desired, but oh well, that's life. It's fun to do, and that's what counts.

Isn't she amazing?

Only one panel of the dolls hasn't been started. I think I'll leave this until the end. Can't wait!

Oh, and a cupcake book. Good ole Martha: looking forward to trying some of these puppies out.


Cari said...

I remember this! I was always in awe of your skills. Finish it! I love that thing.

rubygirl said...

Hi Mary,
I write to you, cause I have a website full of the oldfashioned Doodle Art posters, but I don't have this one...
Do you habe an uncoulred piece that you would sell to me??
I'll give you the link to my website, so you can see for yourself.
Kind regards,
Inge de Jong, Holland.

rubygirl said...

I Forgot to give you the link....
sorry and have a nice evening!!