Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hit the road Jack

This last weekend was a busy one for us. Cari, Doug, and I drove up to Washington. Mark and Steven said goodbye to a dear old friend. A friend who was there when we needed lots of room for our kids. When we needed lots of room to cart a bunch of football players in full gear around (Andy used to call it the clown car because so many kids would pile out for practice). When we needed a vehicle big enough to hold Hooper while he leaned out the window and yelled out at passerbys, 'IT'S HOOPER TIME!!!!'

Yes, the Vander Wagon has left the building. Consider our old friend a clunker. It was for the best, trust me.

Mark got busy cleaning out the Vander Wagon. There wasn't too much to clean out.

Steven and Nick could only watch, knowing their friend was about to leave them. They missed him already. Nick has wanted to cut the top of the Vander Wagon for years and make him a convertible. Now that will never happen. Nick will have to live with that fact.

Mark assured them they would get over it, and they would make a new friend.

Hmmm, they thought: a NEW friend. Goodbye Vander Wagon!

You have been a true friend.

So when Cari, Doug, and I got home our new friend was waiting. Beautiful!!

A 2009 Honda Civic, all for us!

Thank you Vander Wagon for helping to make this possible. You'll always have a spot in our hearts.


jenrust said...

now you need to come up w/ a name for your new Civic....

Amber said...

Too funny! I like the new ride!