Sunday, February 17, 2008

MIsty Morning, Ellie Rose, and a cell phone

Woke up to a misty morning yesterday.

Got myself a cup of coffee and thought to myself, "gee, just like Wuthering Heights". Yea: Wuthering Heights in Tigard. That will work.

And I finally got to meet Ellie Rose and she is beautiful and dainty. Folks were to bring books to the shower and Ellie got so many amazing books. I recognized many of them, and some were ones I wish I would have had when my kids were small.

One of the books was, "I'll like you for always, I'll love you forever". Very hokey, but I got to tell ya. When Cari was around 7 she published a book at her school and they threw a tea for all the authors. Several authors and their moms gathered for the tea in the library and the teacher read that book to us. I thought it was hokey, but I have to tell you that I found tears running down my face at the end! I was shocked at myself, but then I looked around the room and almost every other mom was openly crying. Now that my kids are pretty much grown up, I now realize why I cried. I adore my children, but as folks say, if you raise them right you give the wings to fly. Or something like that. And Cari is doing so well, and I'm so very proud of the woman she's become, and I know Steven and Doug will make their way as well.

Back to the shower. One of the gals made a cookie bouquet. How clever! Wish I'd done it...darn...

And then I woke up this morning to find Steven fast asleep on the couch, holding his cell phone. Ah, the days of teddy bears, 'big bigs', and ninja turtles are truly gone. What's a big big? If you don't know, you ain't a Vander Yacht!

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