Wednesday, February 6, 2008

IKEA and blue sharks and meatballs

We finally got Doug over to IKEA to look at bedroom furniture. But first Mark found a small and compact dinette set. No way Mark. No friggin way. Thank goodness he was only kidding. I think.

Doug found some of the bedding, tried it out, made a friend (a blue shark...the friendship was doomed from the start...Tigard the Tiger would not take to this guy at all!), and then continued his search. The bedding just wasn't to his liking. Go figure. I think it's cause it has something to do with math. Must be it.

This is a set up I like. I want a different bed, but this is basically the look I like.

After much searching for beds Doug needed a lift: Brianna and Mark helped him out. Mark didn't really have much choice in the decision.

Once he escaped, Mark found some time to look at something he wanted to look at.

Doug and Brianna had to try them out, of course.

And once they were rested up we made our way out of the store, stopping only to pick up some cinnamon rolls and meat balls. Doug was done at IKEA. Life goes on.

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