Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinese New Year and Basketball and 15 Happy Years.

Doug and Mark had two games in a basketball tournament at the Hoop yesterday and they won both games! But poor Doug sprained his ankle. He's been putting ice on it, and he's not sure if he'll be able to play in the "play off" game today. He's been putting ice on it, taking some pain killers, and elevating it. We've got our fingers crossed.

Yesterday Cari and I met my Friend Ksenyia and her family at the Chinese New Years Celebration in downtown Portland. We had a great time: the music and entertainment was enjoyable, but really not a whole lot there to see. Cari and I took off and she took me to a place where you make your own soup. Very unusual and very good! Similar to Mongolian Grill, but you get your own little soup bowl that actually cooks your broth and you add whatever you want into it. Part of the fun was the entertaining owner (he was quite a kick, knew everyone who came in, and laughed a lot...I enjoyed watching him as much as making my own soup) and all the folks who came in who knew what they were doing (unlike me..thank goodness Cari knew the drill).

And then we went for a walk through her neighborhood. The weather was amazing, almost up to 60, and we took advantage of it. Cari lives in a great older neighborhood and I would love to be able to not only afford one of the homes, but have the money to fix it up inside and out. Guess it's time to start playing the lottery!

And yesterday Mark and I celebrated 15 happy years.....hey, 15 out of 28 ain't bad!

A joke my father has told for years about their marriage. I couldn't resist.

But we did go out for dinner with Kurt and Dana to Ruby Tuesdays and got us an anniversary sundae. What more can you ask for? Happy Anniversary Mark! Love you.

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