Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Rinky!

Today is my sister's birthday. Yep, her and Lincoln share the "big day". She lives in Ohio with her husband Glen and son Scott (hey Scott). Heck, we're from Ohio, moved to California when we were small, and here she is right back where we started! I don't have any pictures of her online to show, so I figure Huckleberry Hound can say "Happy Birthday Linda!". Her nick name is Rinkydo (or something like that....I came up with it as a two year old, cause for some strange reason I couldn't say Linda, so you'd THINK I could remember what it is...sigh.....). But Linda just got back from Cuba (how cool is that?), so once she sends me some pictures I'll post them.

I made Mark hold Huckleberry as well (these pictures are a couple years old....hee, hee, they're coming back to haunt Mark). The reason Huckleberry is saying Happy Birthday to Rinky? I got one for my birthday, I must have been five, and we have a great picture of it on a slide. Linda made a copy of the slide and sent it to me.

We haven't been close due to distance, but we're starting to talk more, and email more, and I now have the chance to say I love you Linda. I'm so glad you're my sister, and I'm SO GLAD we talk more and share more and laugh together more. Happy Birthday baby sis. I love you.

Oh yeah. It's one of the "big ones". Gotta find a belated B card to "rub it in"....since I already hit it myself.

And a question: do you remember crash up cars? Do ya?

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