Monday, August 20, 2012

Cure JM Concert

My friend Damon organizes a concert every year titled 'Cure JM'.  He recently lost his son Mason to JM: made this year all the more special.
Kathy, Charlie and I met up and hung out.  We hooked up with Chuck E Cheese.

Scooby Dooby Do!!!

Oh man, I am so ready for the Winterhawks to begin playing.  GO HAWKS!

Charlie decided she wanted her face painted.  Don't you just love her face here, so intent on ensuring the artist gets it right?

While Charlie got her face painted, Kathy and I had our picture done.  Steve, the artist, was laughing as he drew. 
We were nervous.
Then when Charlie got a look, BURST into giggles, and told me that I 'Looked like a monkey!', well.....
we knew were were in trouble.

Oh my.  I do look like a monkey.
But I like it!  It's a funny picture, and life's too short not to laugh at yourself now and then.
We rock.  Nuff said.  Monkey face and all.

Charlie loved her pink, shiney unicorn.  And the artist also gave her shiney pink lips. 
She sure knew what would make this little girl happy.
I love people like that.

Balloon art!

Flowers are always a hit. 

Pizza Pizza surveys the doings.

We had Hillsboro Relay For Life here for many years.  This made me miss it so much.  It was a great place to have a Relay.

Here I am, manning the booth for the Ronald McDonald House.  I love sharing about the House with folks.

I got to know these folks very well: they stayed at our House for over a year.  They are nicer than nice.

I laughed as Dora shops for jewery.

What do I see???  VooDoo Donuts???  Whahoo!!!!

How can you resist a VooDoo Donut that screams at you?  Love it!

Chad gave us a bunch of red noses to hand out. 

I like the way my shirt, glasses, and 'nose' match.
That's how I roll.

Kseniya's crew were good sports and put some on.  They looked great!

l brought my little McDonlds beanie baby along.  I figured it was fitting.
It was a sunny day, great crowd, and for a worthy cause.

Mason was a very funny, bright young man. 
He will be missed, and I know many people were thinking about him during the event. 
Every day is a gift.

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