Saturday, August 11, 2012

Aloha Saturday!

Today Mark and I helped out at the Aloha Intel picnic.  My bestest friend Kathy was 'the grand pubah' of the picnic, so we were more than happy to help out.  Look at the view of the water from our picnic area in Oaks Park.  What a great day for a picnic!

Mark and Victor talk, as we wait for folks to arrive.

While waiting Charlie and I went to the ride area to check out what rides she is tall enough for (the rides didn't open for another half hour at this time, so we were being pro-active).
She stood very still to ensure she was tall enough.  Sucess!!

Well, she wasn't tall enough for this ride.  I liked the fact they had the chair there and you had to show you could get up and down from the ride all by yourself.  Nice way to check!

The putt-putt golf area was very nice.  Loved the waterfall.

Here I'm teling Mark what to do (just like at home: I'm so bossy!), while Rosemary just laughs.

Here Charlie joins us.

Yeah!  Here Kathy joins us!

Charlie wanted to show me her funny face.  I liked it, don't you?
What wonderful friends I have: thank you Intel for bringing such great people into my life.

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