Sunday, August 19, 2012

Steven Grad Party

Steve is graduating from Portland State and we had a party to celebrate!  Here is his cake, showing Steven and some 'friends' playing poker.  I sure hope he was winning!

So glad our family came down to celebrate with us.  I wish we all lived closer so we could do this more often.

And we got a surprise: Hooper flew in from Texas!  We were thrilled. 

Hooper was thrilled as well.

Susan, 'Marty Party' (and he confessed he's not sure how he got that nickname), and Andy joined us as well.
Thank you to Tigard Football for bringing such great people into our lives.

Steven had a great time, and that's what it's all about.

One of Steven's friends had come up with pictures of Steven in various roles, all with Steven's head on Lenny Kravitz's (spelling?) body.   What a riot!

My Mom loved this show, and she would have gotten a kick out of this, even though Steven wasn't doing very well....

And his friend Tyler then came up with funny business cards, using one of Steven's senior pictures. 

Owen and Drew look over some old Tigard HS yearbooks.

Steven poses with his cake: we're so proud of him and we know he's going to do amazing things with his life.

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